Florence and the Uffizi Gallery

Florence and the Uffizi Gallery one sheet copy

If you have never been to Italy, or perhaps did long ago, and would like to relive the magic and grandeur of Florence, Picturehouse Entertainment offers the solution – Florence and the Uffizi Gallery. Using the latest in film technology and 3D rendering the great artworks of Florence and the Uffizi Gallery are brought to life.

Starting on the 14th of December Picturehouse Entertainment will be releasing Florence and the Uffizi Gallery, the first in its new series – Discover Arts, at cinemas across the UK. Narrated by Simon Merells viewers are taken back in time as the stories of some of the world’s greatest artworks are brought to life and the emotion behind each brushstroke, each chisel, each swathe of the palette knife is revealed.

Viewers begin their journey from the very outskirts of the city where the first signs of the Renaissance are evident in the frescoes of the Branacci Chapel and introduced to the youthful Donatello. Next we are taken within the city and come face to face with the architecture that created the backdrop to the rebirth of European civilization.

Featuring well known artworks such as Michelangelo’s David and Botticelli’s Birth of Venus alongside the more obscure treasures housed within the Uffizi Gallery viewers are visually spoiled. One of the most special pieces however is Leonardo’s Adoration of the Magi which has been undergoing restoration since 2011 which will be revealed to the public for the first time in 5 years on the silver screen.

With insight from various experts and a soundtrack put together with the same attention to detail as each of these artworks the viewer becomes engulfed by the splendor of the Renaissance. Each artwork is reborn and brought into the light with the latest in 3D and 4K technology.

Knowing a work of art, means reading it as you would poetry, like a piece of literature.” – Professor Antonio Natali

To find out where you can see this spectacle of European culture and artistic delight visit the Discover Arts site here.



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