I realized this evening I last wrote nearly a year ago. This was quite distressing to think that I had abandoned my child, my journey. So tonight I shall attempt to reignite the flame, with a glass of wine (okay a bottle) and some music as the kindling to my flame.

The hardest part about writing, well for me at least is deciding on a topic. With an entire world of possibilities, and angles from which to approach them, it becomes quite a daunting task. However this evening, after a glass or two of wine has helped to lubricate the mental cogs I feel like it is time to share something quite personal.

It was the summer of 2012 and I was sat in my hotel room overlooking the cerulean blue of the Mediterranean Sea. The air was hot, humid and the scent of pine filled the room, the ceiling fan swung with listless pace. I had just returned from the beach, the sun had become too harsh for my fair skin and I now sat on the edge of my bed staring at the rather simple box-television.

It was there in that rather plainly decorated room, with the oppressive heat pushing down on me that I discovered my secret love. I turned on the television, curiosity had gotten the better of me and I wanted to just escape from the heat. There was an advert or two detailing who knew what as I couldn’t understand a word of what they were saying and then it came on the screen. A music video began to play and the magic of Chima (as I would later come to know him to be) unfolded before my eyes like a rabbit being pulled from a hat.

I still couldn’t understand a word, except for the title, which thankfully was repeated often allowing for me to ‘sing’ along to. “Morgen” – tomorrow. Unbeknownst to me, or so I thought, these lyrics sang of depression of aimless wondering. Now whilst my location at the time may not have screamed depressed, I mean I was on an island in the Mediterranean, I was battling with depression. Life felt bleak, but there in my hotel room, without consciously knowing what was being said, I escaped my depressed state and drifted along with the lyrics.

Now whilst I have managed to pick up a few more words, I won’t lie I often have no clue what the singer is going on about, but there is something enchanting about German Pop. When I actually take a look at the translated lyrics I am in disbelief that despite not knowing what the singer was saying, their tone, rhythm and the music allowed me to understand.

That is after all the magic of music; it has this ability to transfer emotion and feeling, to share the moment. No need for Facebook Post, WiFi password or HDMI cable, it ripples through the air and touches the soul.

And so to this date I have this love affair with German Pop, and I think that its more to do with the fact that it reminds me that music transcends language, border and culture, and I revel in the freedom it allows. As such I think it is fitting to share with you my current favourite song out of Deutschland – Wir Sind Groß by Mark Forster. The line that I think really echoes with my feelings tonight is “Die Welt is klein und wir sind groß translated as “The world is small and we are Big”. In today’s world I like to believe that this is true, the possibilities are truly endless and with music there to bridge the gap between class, culture and creed the world really is small…


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